There are several different types of carriers available to hire.

Stretchy Wraps

These are long lengths of stretchy material that you tie around your body. They can either be pre-tied and the baby popped in and out as needed, or wrapped and tied round you and your baby. There are also hybrid variations which are more structured and are fastened and tightened with rings.

Stretchy wraps are ideal for newborns as they are soft and comfortable as well as being secure and supportive. Most people find that they are less supportive by the time their baby is 6-8 months old.


Woven wraps

Woven wraps are long lengths of specially woven material which come in a variety of blends and sizes. They are very strong and supportive and are worn

wrapped around the wearer and baby. 

They are the most versatile sling and are great for all sizes and ages of children, including newborns. They can be worn on the front, hip or back and tied in many different ways which ensures comfort and weight distribution can be tailored to each individual.
Using and tying a woven wrap is a skill that can take time to master.

Mei Dai

Based on Asian style carriers, Mei Dais have a rectangular fabric body with two straps at the bottom which tie round your waist, and two straps which go over your shoulder and are tied round your body. The shoulder straps come in either wrap-strap or padded-strap styles.

Mei Dais are a good option if you want the closeness and comfort of a wrap but with more of the ease of buckles. Some can be used from newborn. You can use Mei Dais for front, hip and back carries, provided your baby is an appropriate age.

Soft Structured Carrier

Soft structured carriers, also known as buckle carriers, have a similar body panel to Mei Tai’s but are fastened with buckles. There are many different designs to suit all body shapes – some are more structured with padded waists, others have no padding, some straps cross at the back, others are designed to stay in rucksack style.

These can be quick and easy to use, and adjusted correctly, can be very comfortable. Some can be used from birth with the careful use of newborn inserts or some adjustments, most will fit comfortably from three or four months. They vary a lot from brand to brand but can often be used up to early toddlerhood. Several brands offer a toddler sized option which can be used up to preschool age.


Ring slings

Ring slings are a piece of woven fabric which are worn across the body and threaded through rings, which sit just below the shoulder. The child sits in the pouch of fabric and you tighten the fabric through the rings.

These work well with newborns allowing good, supportive positioning. They are better for shorter periods as they are just worn on one shoulder and can be very useful with toddlers who constantly want up and down since they are quick and easy

to use. Can be used for front or hip carries.