Hiring from a sling library is ideal if you…

  • Want to see if using a sling is for you

  • Would like to try out a particular carrier before you buy

  • Only need a carrier for a short time

  • Would like to try something a bit different from your usual sling


How does the library work?

Come along to one of our regular library sessions. You will have a chance to browse the range of carriers available for hire and get to spend 10-15 minutes with a trained consultant or peer supporter who will ensure you know how to use it before hiring. Sessions can often be busy so if you feel you have more in depth questions, would like to try more than one or two carriers, or are interested in learning to back carry please consider booking a consultation or workshop.

Hires are to be returned to the sling library session you hired from, unless otherwise agreed. For example, if you hire a ringsling for 2 weeks at the Tweedbank sling library on a Friday afternoon,  you would return it to the Tweedbank sling library two weeks later.

How much does it cost to hire?

Hire fees are between £5 and £7, depending on the carrier, for 2 weeks, payable in cash. If you haven't hired before please bring ID, which includes proof of address.

You can hire the carrier for up to 6 weeks. If you initially hire for a 2 week period you can arrange to extend your hire provided no one else has reserved it.

Late fees are charged at between 50p and 70p per day, depending on which carrier you’ve hired. 
What sort of sling can I hire?
You can visit our Library Catalogue to see the various types of carriers we have. 
Can I get advice on my own sling?
Yes! Free advice is offered at the Baby On Borders sling surgery, which Carry Me Round attends with the sling library (there is an entry fee of £2 per family).
Troubleshooting and fit check slots are available at Lauder and Kelso sling library sessions for £3.
What if I can't make a library session?
Out of hours hire is available by prior arrangement.