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Safety in slings

Safety in slings

There are many different types of slings and carriers to choose from, but whatever you use you should ensure you follow these guidelines:

TICKS reproduced with permission from the UK Sling Consortium

What should a baby wear when in a sling?
  • Dress your child appropriately for the weather and climate
  • Layers and light clothing are often best.
  • Remember that one layer of sling is equal to one layer of clothing and that you're sharing body heat.
  • Monitor their temperature when in the sling by feeling their chest or back.
  • Protect extremities from the sun and cold.

General sling use

  • Avoid unsafe practises while using your sling such as sleeping, cycling, jogging and car journeys.
  • Avoid drink and drugs and any activities that involve shaking.

Choose a carrier that you are happy, safe and comfortable using and that fits your baby well.